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Q: What time do I need to get to the airport before my flight?

A: Arrive in plenty of time to check in and navigate security screening. Travelers should arrive at the Airport at least one hour before domestic flight departures and 90 minutes for International travel. Visit our Check In Information page for more details.

Q: What airlines fly out of Gainesville Regional Airport?

A: American Airlines and Delta Airlines provide service from Gainesville Regional Airport to three International hub airports, allowing passengers to connect to the world.

Q: What destinations are available to me through the Gainesville Regional Airport?

A: American Airlines provides service to the American Airlines hubs in Charlotte and Miami.  Delta provides service to the Delta Airlines hub in Atlanta, Georgia.

Q: What are the phone numbers for the airlines serving the Gainesville Regional Airport?

Click here for list of Airline Phone Numbers

Q: What time does the airport terminal open?

A: The commercial terminal is opened by security personnel at 3:30am. After the last daily flight, security clears and locks the terminal, generally by 12:30 am. The terminal is NOT open 24 hours and passengers may not remain inside the building overnight. 

Q: How much are parking fees at the Gainesville Regional Airport?

Click here for current parking rates

Please note that there is no unattended parking in the loading/unloading zone in front of the terminal. This zone is for dropping off or loading passengers and baggage only. Vehicles cannot be left unattended in this zone. Guests awaiting arriving passengers in the vehicle can use the Cell Phone Lot.

Cell Phone Lot

A convenient and FREE short-term parking area is located near the rental car facility on the west side of the Terminal Loop Road.  You can wait for passengers to call you when they land, then pick them up at curbside baggage claim.  No unattended vehicles are permitted in the cell phone lot. Click here for the parking page and a map of the termianl parking areas.

Q: Is there an ATM machine in the airport?

A: Yes, there is an ATM machine located in the passenger terminal in the baggage claim area. The ATM accepts Visa, Master Card, Cirrus, Plus, Diners Club International, Discover/Novus, and American Express Cards.

Q: Does the airport offer currency exchange service?

A: No. The airport is unaware of any local bank offering currency exchange. Passengers may wish to exchange currency at International hub airports during their return flight.

Q: I am a business traveler. What business amenities and services are available for me?

A: Gainesville Regional Airport is pleased to announce that FREE wireless and wired high-speed Internet access is provided in the terminal and public areas.  During regular business hours, the Administration Office offers fax services and a photocopy machine for a nominal fee.

Q. Is there a snack bar in the airport?

A: Yes!  Tailwind - Gainesville, LLC operates a restaurant and bar as well as a gift shop in the Pre-Security Screening area.  Post-Security (Gate Area), there is a second full service bar, snack shop and gift shop/news stand

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Q: What are the fares? How are ticket prices determined?

A: The pricing of tickets is determined completely by the airlines. Prices are based upon the number of travelers on an aircraft and the cost of operating the aircraft. Airlines offer different fare (price) levels on each aircraft/flight. On average, the lowest fares include 10% of the total seats available on an aircraft.  As the rates are determined by the individual airlines and are subject to change, please contact the airline or a local travel agent for fares.

Q: How can I get lower airfares?

A: Each flight offers various priced tickets or fares for the seats on an aircraft. The most effective way to attain the lower fares is to purchase your tickets early.  The earlier planning cannot guarantee you will secure a lower fare but it improves your chances of attaining lower fares significantly.   Click here to sign up for our weekly Low Fare Alerts.

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Q. How can I get lower airfares for group travel?

A. Contact the Group Travel Sales Departments at the following airlines:

Delta Group Sales (Domestic)
Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Delta Airlines - Charter
Monday-Friday 8:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Q: What time do I need to get to the airport before my flight?

A: Arrive in plenty of time to check in and navigate security screening. Travelers should arrive at the Airport at least one hour before domestic flight departures and 90 minutes for International travel. Visit our Check In Information page for more details.

Q: What are airport administrators and the authority doing to improve air service at the Gainesville Regional Airport?

A: The airport director and staff continuously communicate with the airlines that currently serve the airport as well as those that we would like to attract to the airport. We are working hard to improve choices, fares, and the reliability of air travel out of the Gainesville Regional Airport by fostering an open and cooperative relationship with the airlines that serve Gainesville.

Q: What are the advertising opportunities in the airport?

A: If you would like to advertise to the more than 390,000 passengers flying through Gainesville Regional Airport, contact Departure Media at (843) 571-2299.

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Q: Is the airport privately owned and managed?

A: The airport is located on land owned by the City of Gainesville, Florida. The overseeing body of airport management is the Gainesville-Alachua County Airport Authority (GACRAA) which consists of 9 members appointed by County, City, and State officials. The airport authority has a public responsibility to insure that Gainesville Regional Airport is managed in the most efficient manner to ultimately benefit the customers it serves.

The Airport Authority holds regularly scheduled meetings. The highlights of past meetings and the planned agendas for future meetings can be viewed in our "Administration" section.

We endeavor to process and post documents as soon as they become available. If the document that you are looking for is recent and not yet on the website, please check back. If you are looking for an older document that is not available, please feel free to call Airport Administration to check on the availability of the document. You may also email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Q: Where does the airport get its money?

A: The airport’s daily operations are funded by user fees. These include landing fees, fuel flowage fees, rental fees, concessions and parking fees. Construction costs are funded through a combination of federal, state, and local funds. The specific source and amount of contribution depends on the nature of the project.

Q: Can I arrange a group tour of the airport?

A: Yes. However, due to security and staffing requirements, we are limited to groups of 25 people or less. Tours are scheduled for once a month maximum and are first come, first serve. For more information, contact the Public Relations Department

Q: What are baggage size & weight requirements? How much are baggage fees? I have a layover in another city.  Do I have to pay baggage fees again?

A: Each airline has its own baggage requirements and fees. You must visit the webpage of your airline for more information.

American Eagle/American Airlines


Q: How can I travel with my pet?

A: Not all airlines permit travel with pets. The time of year may also determine if pets are allowed. Contact your airline for more information.

American Eagle/American Airlines


Q: At what age do I have to pay for my child? How old does my child have to be to travel alone? Do I have to pay for a stroller and car seat?

A; Contact the airlines for their individual policies regarding travel for children. For security procedures for children, visit www.TSA.gov.

Q: Are there storage lockers available at Gainesville Regional Airport?

A: No. There are no secure areas where passengers may leave items. Please note security restrictions for the TSA checkpoint so you are not left abandoning an item that is not permitted on the airplane.